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April 2024



Welcome to our exciting group trip to Arizona! Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable experiences? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or venturing out solo for the first time, our trip promises to be an incredible opportunity to explore the wonders of Arizona alongside fellow enthusiasts.

Join us as we venture into the heart of the Southwest, where the rugged beauty of the desert meets the vibrant culture of the region. From a warm welcome dinner where you’ll get to know your fellow travelers to a thrilling Pink Jeep tour through the iconic red rocks, every moment is crafted to leave you in awe.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Picture yourself soaring above the majestic landscape in a hot air balloon, with panoramic views that will take your breath away. It’s an experience like no other, offering a unique perspective of Arizona’s stunning vistas.

One of the best parts? You don’t need a passport for this adventure! Whether you’re coming from across the country or just down the road, all you need is a sense of curiosity and a spirit of adventure.

So why wait? Join us on this unforgettable journey to Arizona and create memories that will last a lifetime. Solo travelers, couples, friends – all are welcome to be a part of this incredible expedition.


Day 1

Welcome & Relaxation. We gather in Aspen! Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to our luxurious accommodation. The breathtaking snow-capped mountains and the vibrant atmosphere of Aspen will captivate you from the start. Let the adventure begin! To set the tone, we will indulge in a welcome dinner, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers who will soon become your travel companions.


Day 2

Embark on your Aspen Exploration. Today marks our first full day in Aspen! It’s a day of leisure, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

Take the time to venture out and explore the resort city at your own pace. Whether you choose to shop, dine, or simply soak in the ambiance, the choice is yours. Later in the day, we will gather for a delightful cocktail hour and a light meal, providing the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with your travel family.


Day 3

Aspen Snowmass Adventure. Today, we set off to visit Aspen Snowmass, the largest of the four mountains. Snowmass offers an array of options for terrain, winter activities, and on-mountain dining. Here, you’ll have the chance to ski, savor Aspen’s finest cuisine, try tubing, or experience the exhilarating Breathtaker Alpine Coaster. Feel free to explore all the attractions Snowmass has to offer.


Day 4

Relaxed Exploration and Farewell Dinner. We have a relaxed start to the day.

In the afternoon, we’ll lazily wander around Aspen Mountain’s Silver Queen Gondola plaza. This activity is entirely optional, and if you’re up for more skiing, Buttermilk provides fantastic slopes for a more laid-back experience. After our leisurely afternoon, the evening is yours to enjoy until our farewell dinner at 9 PM.


Day 5

Farewell, but Not Goodbye. It’s time to bid adieu, but let’s not dwell on sadness. This is just one of the many remarkable experiences with The Travel Group Chat, and we will meet again on future adventures.



4 Nights in Aspen

4/5 Star Resort – Single or Double Occupancy

Ground Transfers

Welcome Dinner

All Activities Listed

Snowboard & Ski Rental

Private Group Chat Access


Domestic Flights To/From Aspen, Colorado


We can arrange flights for you, just email us at for assistance.

Ground Transfer to accommodations

Anything Not Mentioned Above



Flexible Payment Options for Your Convenience

At The Travel Group Chat, we understand that managing your travel expenses is important. That’s why we offer flexible payment options to suit your budget and make your dream vacation more affordable. With our convenient installment plans, you have the freedom to choose the payment schedule that works best for you.

Whichever option you choose, our secure and user-friendly payment platform makes it simple to set up and manage your installment plan. Say goodbye to large upfront costs and hello to a stress-free booking experience.


Weekly Payments

Spread the cost of your trip over payments, allowing you to plan and budget more effectively. This option provides you with the convenience of smaller, more manageable payments, making it easier to fit within your financial plan.


Bi-Weekly Payments

If you prefer a longer payment interval, our payment plan might be the perfect choice. With payments made every two weeks, you can enjoy the flexibility of a less frequent payment schedule while still making progress towards your trip.


Monthly Payments

For those who prefer a longer payment term, our payment plan offers a convenient and extended payment schedule. With just two manageable payments spread over a two-month period, you can enjoy the flexibility of a more extended timeframe while securing your travel arrangements.

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